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Feeding Your Hearts & Souls San Carlo Feeding Your Hearts & Souls
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The well-known Flying Pizza, located on Street Lane in Roundhay, has reopened after a £2 million renovation.

The primary objective is to create authentic and delicious Italian food. Yet, our CEO, Marcello Distefano, places special emphasis on ensuring that a visit to a San Carlo restaurant promises an unforgettable experience. From the delectable dishes to the service and ambiance, every aspect of a San Carlo restaurant offers a truly exceptional dining experience.

Staying true to the San Carlo style, the wall art played a pivotal role in the design. Our internal design team meticulously selected a range of artwork that enhances the ambiance and resonates with our visitors. They sourced pieces from various places, with a special emphasis on highlighting the creativity and skill of local artists.

We have highlighted three, local artists and the unique artwork they crafted specifically for Flying Pizza.

Suzanne Bethell, based in her studio at Goyt Mill in Marple, delves into how the interplay of colours can elicit strong, personal reactions in viewers. She characterises her work as experimental, utilising mixed media to craft paintings, assemblages, and mono prints.

Each new series is sparked by an emotional response to a fusion of internal and external stimuli, such as resurfacing memories and moments in time. These inspirations may stem from a sense of place, a piece of poetry, or music. Her artwork, ‘Stormy Days,’ is prominently displayed in our private dining room.

Joe O’Rourke is the second artist in our spotlight series who has produced artwork for Flying Pizza. Situated in Bankley Studios in Levenshulme, Joe not only focuses on his personal art but also teaches fine art at Edinburgh College of Art.

Joe follows a complex process in his art creation, referring to painting as a daily companion that enables him to explore a diverse range of ideas, thoughts, and emotions. Our design team chose a print of his remarkable painting, ‘The Night Comes On,’ for its intricate and thought-provoking essence, proudly displayed in our main dining room.

Rob Hardman, who is also known as IAmBob, is an artist located in Manchester. Using art as a form of personal therapy, he is the third and last artist showcased in our series that shines a spotlight on the talented individuals responsible for the artwork showcased at Flying Pizza.

Rob has produced several artworks for the restaurant, with ‘Fruit Bowl’ being a standout piece. Describing his creative process as a moment of pure immersion, he escapes the daily worries and stresses. His goal is to craft art that offers an escape, enabling viewers to transcend their personal concerns, fostering a connection that invokes emotion or feeling.

We look forward to welcoming you all at the Flying Pizza, where our goal is to satisfy not just your appetites but also your hearts and souls.

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